Description and role into the project:

The Technological Highschool from Petricani, Neamț county, is located in the NE region of Romania. As a rural school it coordonates the activity of 3 different sub-structures, located in relatively isolated areas. Even so, each and every person from the teachers staff is qualified or highly qualified. The educational activity of more than 500 students (6-15 years old) is coordonated by approximatly 30 teachers. Many of them (teachers and students) were involved in educational projects and contests, with good results but only at a national or local level. The activity of The Primary School from Petricani is coordonated by the Technological Secondary School from Petricani.
Among the students there are persons coming from disadvantaged groups as ethnic minorities, disorganised families, orphans, health problems, socially assisted, presenting a high risk of social marginalisation. The school is also located in a socio-echonomical disadvantaged area (a rural area where the activity of subsistence agriculture still exists).
During the project, the tasks will be equally distributed between the partners, but, as coordonator, our institution will have to ensure the correct submission of the filled-in form, the data centralisation, the conflict management activity and so on. The organisation will respect the activity plan, will host the activities, will ensure the linguistic preparation, will get actively involved in every stage of the project, respecting the deadlines, and promoting European fundamental values as tollerance, respect, deep understanding of cultural diversity. It will also ensure equal chances to quality education from children coming from disadvantaged groups and areas, and will contribute to the cross-cultural cooperation improvement.
Eat, Pray, Learn...

Description and role into the project:

Fetullah Bayır  Science High School offers education to high-quality students aged 13-17 living in a rural disadvantaged area with a high range of unemployment. We still don't have our own building as it is the second year of our school and so it is temporary located in another high school building. A beneficent businessman is going to build us the school and will donate it to state.

We have about 100 students who  only can apply with the highest points getting from a national Entrance Exam to High schools. However more than the half are from other cities and staying at dormitories. None of our students have ever been  abroad yet but eager to cooperate with European countries and are able to speak English and German. Their families have mostly low budgets and don't have the ability to visit any country in Europe. Most of them have never traveled to nearby cities yet. Students don't have much religious knowledge about other than Islam. All are Muslims and they need to know about other religion.

The region we are located is nearby a lake which is the largest one in Turkey. We have some temporarily located gypsies around the lake. They don't have any employment, nor a building to live in.

The main aim of our school is to create a self belonging in a society which has their own racial or ethnic origin by enjoying equal rights and to create a balance among the people in our countries with all their values especially  culture , believes, language and sense.

Liceul Tehnologic Petricani, Neamt, Romania
Fetullah Bayir Fen Lisesi, Beysehir, Turkey
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